3/3 XC Trails and Grooming


3/3, 7:30pm update:  This week we are preparing for the 2015 XC Junior Nationals and will have a different schedule.  Wednesday through Friday the trails will be open 8:30pm to 4:30pm.  A number of visiting JN athletes are here training so the trails will be busy with fast skiers. The trails can ONLY be skied […]

2/28 XC Trails and Grooming

Saturday 2/28, 7:15pm update:  What a difference snow makes.  We received a welcome 12″ of new snow and winter has made a comeback.  Sunday 3/1 about 4-5km of trails will open at 8:30am and groomed with double tracks and skating.   The east end of the stadium will be closed all-day for snow moving.  Now […]

2/25-3/1 Trails and Grooming

Wed. 2/25 update, 9:45am:  We will have around 4km of trail open this week. The big push this week and next will be to move snow on to a 2.5km courses for the JN and Biathlon Nationals Champion.  In the next two weeks you may find sections of trail closed for snow moving.  Because of […]

2/18 – 2/22 XC Trails and Grooming

stadium b 2.15.15

Feb. 18th, 6:30am: We will have around 4km of trail open this week. No snow is in the forecast and temperatures will again be above normal all week.   To ensure race courses for the JN and Biathlon Nationals Champions we are now stockpiling and moving snow onto those race courses.   In the next […]

2/11-16 XC Trails and Grooming

moving snow 2.10.15

Feb.  11th, 5:45am update:  After a wild weekend of wind, lots of rain and snow this week is returning to mild and dry conditions.  We will have 6-8km of trail open this week.  Because of the limited conditions day passes are discounted to $10 all day and $8 after 1pm. We have started a snow […]

2/8 Trail and grooming report

10:30am update:  The rain has started, let’s all hope the snow level drops over night as forecast. 8:40am update:  Sun is out (for now) and the snow did tighten up.  Come ski this morning before the rain moves in! Feb. 8th, 7:00am:  We will have 6-8km of trail groomed and open at 8:30am today. It’s […]

2/7 XC Trails and Grooming

grooming 2.7.15

Feb. 7, 10am update:   The trees have been moved off, the sun is peaking out and we’ve opened 5-6km of trail.  Double classic tracks have been set.  There are still wet spots, dirty sections and debris from the wind storm but it’s still pretty good skiing.  There are no Biathlon trails closures today. Because of […]

XC Trails and grooming

snow 2.6.15

Feb. 7, 6:15am update:  A good 6″ of snow last night has turned over to rain.  During the wind storm yesterday several trees came down across trails.   The stadium should be groomed by 8:30am however opening trails are on hold until we clean up the  fallen trees.  If the winds stay high or rain opens […]

XC Trails and grooming

Trails, 3-8-13 carol0308031217 copy

Feb. 6th, 6:45am update:  High winds and wet weather today will likely close the trails today to all skiing.  Check back here or call the TC (530-426-3313) before heading up to ski through out the weekend. Feb. 4, Grooming 7:00am update:  We will have 6-8km of trail open this week.  Because of the limited conditions […]

1/28 Grooming

warming hut 2009

Jan. 30th, 7:00am update:  After a dusting of snow Tuesday we are heading into a another week of sunny snow-less weather. The 8KM of trail we have open and groomed Wed. through Sunday just keeps hanging in there and skiing well.  We are about 40% tiller groomed with double tracks and the remaining snowmobile groomed […]