Grooming report 12.20.14

Grooming Report Dec. 20, 7:45am:  Yesterday it snowed all day and overnight we had a mix of rain and snow.  It’s a bit foggy right now as well. Today we host Sprint races on the 1.2KM loop.  All other trails are open and groomed with double tracks and skating. 12+KM of trail are open.

Grooming report 12.19.14

Santa XC skiing cropped

10:15am update,  Biathlon training is cancelled, no trails will closed.  Oh….it’s dumping snow right now! Grooming report Dec. 19, 6:00am:  Conditions improve day-by-day.  This morning a very lite snow is falling and by the end of the day we expect another 6″.  Grooming will finish at 8:30am and throughout the day we will continue snowmobile […]

Grooming 12.18.14

SST,woordcut,crossing Sierra

Grooming report, Dec. 18, 7:00am:  Skiing conditions continue to improve each day.  Another 5-6″ of snow fell yesterday and overnight.  This morning it is 28 degrees with a few flakes still falling.  Today there is a break in the weather and the conditions will be simply excellent.  Most all of the core blue trails are […]

Grooming 12.17.14 7:00am

Grooming report, Dec. 17, 7:00am:  The XC trails will open at 8:30am this morning with around 12KM of trails groomed.  With 8″ of snow and a lot of snow farming the last two days conditions have improved.  Several drainage’s have been fixed with culverts and the holes are gone.  Additional trails are being added with […]

Grooming update, 12.14.14, 8:15am

asc-12-14-hill-dan-castlepeak small

Grooming update, Dec. 14, 8:15am:   Yesterday was a great day of skiing and today will be the same.  It’s 25 degrees this morning and the snow has set-up well overnight.  Conditions will firm and fast.  A few more trails have been opened up overnight and we now have around 13 or 14KM.  It is a […]

Grooming update Dec. 12, 6:30pm

Grooming update Dec. 12, 6:30pm:     20+” of new snow was groomed out today and for Saturday and Sunday we will have around 12+KM of trail open 8:30am to 4:30pm.  It will be a mix of tiller groomed snow and snowmobile groomed, either way it will be great skiing.  There will be double classic tracks  and […]

Grooming update 12.12.14 10:30am

Early morning warm-up of the new Pisten Bully

Grooming update 12.12.14, 10:30am:  Another 16″ of snow fell overnight for a total of around 24″.  We’ve been grooming since early this AM and now have 8+KM groomed with double tracks and skating.  More trails are being added throughout the day and most of the blue loops will be open for Sat. This is what […]

Grooming report 12.11.14, 5:20pm

Grooming update 12.11.14 5:20pm: It snowed all day at ASC and all together we received 8″ of new snow.  Conditions have turned back to winter on the summit.  Based on the forecast and the rate of snowfall we will likely have another 10-12″ by morning.  The grooming plan tomorrow is to open as many new […]

Grooming report 12.11.14

Grooming report 12/11, 9:15am:  Trails will be CLOSED today as we anticipated today due to high winds.  The good news is we are getting flurries of snow.  Today we will let this storm develop and hopefully be grooming a foot or more of new snow Friday morning.

Grooming report, 12.10.14

Grooming update 12.10.14, 7:30pm:  Waiting, waiting, waiting that’s the word of the day.  No snow yet but the winds did pick-up this afternoon so maybe the much hyped storm is for real.  Tomorrow the stadium and the 1.5km and 3.5km loops will be open for skiing weather permitting. If the winds do peak at 100mph […]