CNISSF High School racing action

High School ski teams from Placer, Colfax, Nevada Union, Davis, Quincy and Del Oro raced today in the ASC race arena.  Conditions were prefect, the competition was fierce and the costumes classic!  All the athletes skied well, CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL.

CNISSF 2-11-13,IMG_0342 CNISSF 2-11-13,IMG_0341 CNISSF 2-11-13,IMG_0340 CNISSF 2-11-13,IMG_0339 CNISSF 2-11-13,IMG_0338 CNISSF 2-11-13,IMG_0337 CNISSF 2-11-13,IMG_0336 CNISSF 2-11-13,IMG_0335 CNISSF 2-11-13,IMG_0334 CNISSF 2-11-13,IMG_0333