December Nordic Races

We had a great two days of racing at ASC this week.  First was the Snowshoe Thompson on Sunday December 30th (postponed from the 23rd).  This was was a JNQ for Far West junior racers, so the pressure was on!  We had 120 racers turn out in beautiful conditions.  Callum Watson won the men’s 10k and Beth Reid was first for the women.  Annika Taylor took first in the women’s 5k and it was Sam Zabel in first for the men.  Hayden Halvorsen won the youth division.  It was a cold day, but classic conditions were great.  The top three winners of each division went home with great medals.   Thank you to Andy Pasternak and the Silver Sage Center for sponsoring this race.  For a complete list of results see the Far West Nordic website.    Check out the great Snowshoe Thompson photos by Mark Nadell. 

Paco’s Freestyle Race was the next day, December 31st, with great ski prizes donated by Paco’s Bike and Ski.  It was another cold day, but the race went smoothly. We had about 70 racers brave the cold and finish 2012 with a great race.   Cassidy Cichowicz took home first in the women’s 10k and it was Alex Taylor in first for the men.  In the 5k it was Hannah Halvorsen in first for the women and Peter Carroll for the men.  The youth division was won by Haydn Halvorsen again.  Once again Mark Nadell has posted some stellar photos from Paco’s Freestyle.  For the complete results check out the Far West Nordic website.  

Any racers who participated in both the Snowshoe Thompson and Paco’s Freesytle were a part of the new Silver Sage Pursuit, complete with New Year’s Eve appropriate prizes. Thank you to the Silver Sage Center for sponsoring this event.   It was a great opportunity for our Nordic community to get to participate in a non-continuous Pursuit style race.  For those of you that are not familiar with pursuit racing, the racers results from day one determines their start time for day two.  So if someone was one minute slower than the winner on day one than they would have to make up a minute on day two in order to beat the winner!

We also hosted the ASC Sprints on December 22nd in a huge snow storm.  This was the first JNQ this season and an opportunity for them to get USSA points.  We had great turnout, about 55 racers, despite the near-whiteout conditions.  We were unable to hold the heats due to the weather, but the prelims were won by Spencer Eusden and Annika Taylor.  Everyone seemed to have fun racing in the snow! Thank you to again to Andy Pasternak and the Silver Sage Center for sponsoring this event.  For complete results see the Far West website and for photos check out the great ASC Sprint photos by Mark Nadell.   Here are a couple fun photos from Bill Aaron and the Sonics of the snow during the sprints.

race photo sprints sunday asc sprint 2012_13


Thank you to all the people who participated in the races  and to the great volunteers that made the race happen; they worked out in the snow and cold to make sure that everyone had a great race. Once again, thank you to our wonderful race sponsors: Andy Pasternak and the Silver Sage Center, and Paco’s Bike and Ski.