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Biathlon combines the physical test of cross-country skiing with the psychological demands of rifle marksmanship. With its origins dating back to hunting and military campaigns in snow covered regions, biathlon is today the most televised winter sport in countries like Germany, Austria and Russia and a popular worldwide Olympic sport.

Biatlon World Cup - Women's realy

The ASC Training Center is one of the only locations in the West to offer a biathlon range, clinics, lessons and competitions.

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New Biathlon Range at ASC

This summer we got a great start on a new range.  Initial earthworks completed phase 1 of this project. We are currently looking for some more donations to finish phase 2 of the project this fall.  For more information on how you can help - Please download and read this publication.  We are still seeking funding to help us complete and equip the Range to National Biathlon Competition Standards.  Thank you to all the people who have donated to this project.  

Take a look at our photos… and then come see it for yourself!

Range 7  Range 8

Thank you to our Sponsors:

Target Lane Sponsors ($5000)

Tenth Mountain Division Foundation
 Clear Capital
 Ted Hulbert
 Rob Hoadley

Supporting Sponsors ($100+)

Pullen Realty Group
Brian and Dorothy Peterson
Rick and Esther Chew
Allen Takahashi
Joe and Ricki Mensching
Craig and Carolyn Peer
Nils and Marie Lang-Ree
Jacqeline Walker
Kirk Niemeyer


Check it out!

A new book about the Soviet Biathlon program by WD Frank.  Buy the book here.

There is also a faster skier interview and article about the book.