2014-15 Masters Training Program with Olympian Glenn Jobe

This Program is FULL for the 2014-15 Season!!

If you would like to be put on our waiting list please email us here.

ASC Training Center is happy to announce the return of the weekly Masters Training Program with Glenn Jobe. This is for any of you that might be interested in a weekly training group meeting from mid- Nov. through mid- March. (approximately 20 sessions) This popular program will be limited to 10 people and will meet one day a week, Friday, from 9:00am to 11:00am at the ASC Training Center. The workouts typically alternate between classic and skate, and include a mix of technique, intensity and on-snow specific strength.


These type of workouts you would typically not do on your own, but are more fun, therefore ‘easier’ with a group of like minded skiers. Depending on the snow/weather conditions, daily training may be altered to accommodate the conditions. Not all in the group will have the same fitness level or be working towards the same goals, so we ask that participants be strong intermediate to advanced skiers, and come with a sense of humor, a willingness to try new things, and share, support and enjoy each other. The intensity of these workouts will vary somewhat, but a sufficient fitness level is required to participate in these 1-2 hour sessions. Because the program starts in early November, there will be some dry land training, such as hill bounding, ski walking, or plyometrics, until the snow arrives. And yes, we do stop to socialize, as that’s part of it too.
The cost is $500/per person, with the first session scheduled on Friday, November 14th and ending on Friday, March 27th.  In addition to the program cost participants are required to be a member of ASC and have a season trail pass. Due to the limited group size, the first 10 people to respond with their payment will be the training group participants.