Donner Summit Bike Time Trial

Saturday Sept 8th 2012 10am


 2012 resultsCLICK HERE


Challenge yourselves & your friends to bike up old 40 from the west end of Donner Lake to Sugar Bowl Academy.

Road, Mountain, tandem & single speed categories


online reg – click here – or register at Pacos Bike and Ski the week before the race.

$25 pre reg Register or $30 Race morning (18 & under $15 pre  / $20 on the day)

  • Race registration, bib pick & parking at Paco’s Bike and Ski form 8am-9am
    Please note parking is not available at the start at west end Beach use the ride along Donner lake as part of your warm up
  • Pre Reg racers will be randomized & start times will be published at registration
  • New Reg will be assigned start times when they register

Racer information – See this sheet for race details


  • Starts will be at 30 Sec intervals starting at 10am
  • Your warm up is your ride to the start
    • on Donner Pass Rd or
    • on The South side of the Lake – the traffic is less there than on the North – there is a paved path all around the Lake now if you go through the State Park on the East End


  • Will be at Sugar Bowl Academy
  • We will have water jugs to refill your bottles with water or energy drink


  • The road will not be closed – So ride smart & be safe !
  • Please stay close to the right side of the road & only pass if safe to do so.
  • Any rider who crosses the central line will be disqualified
  • To minimize impact on the road please wait till all riders are done climbing (11am ?) to bike back down. You can ride along old 40 & around Serene Lakes for a cool down – or even go all the way to Cisco if you wish


We will do our best to provide racers times at 11am before you descend & will post times on that afternoon


Overall fastest Man & fastest woman will be notified & will receive a prize that can be collected at Pacos Bike and Ski





Fastest times:

  • 2011 Jesse Miller Smith 14:34.7, Kimball Pier 18:34.5
  • 2010 Joel Baty 15:53.0, Katerina Nash 16:45.5
  • 2009 Alex Taylor 16:53.8, Katerina Nash 17:32.9)

2011 Results

2010  Results

2009 Results