Trail/grooming update, Dec. 30, 4:30pm

Open Trails:
St. Moritz
Stuck Truck
Lower Chicane
Upper Chicane
Jobe’s Jog
Wendell’s flat
High Traverse
Birkebiner Hill
Fink’s Link
Pink Lung Hill

The Black Hole
Sterling’s Cut-off
Bee Sting Hill Loop
Real Skier Loop
Trails Notes: Tomorrow we host Paco’s freestyle fun race. The course will be groomed for skating with only a very limited single classic to one side. Training Center and trails will be busy until noon. After that the racers will clear out and the trails will be empty.

All our trails are groomed and open expect for the Crater Lake loops. Trails not used for the race will be groomed with two tracks and a skating lane down the middle.

Please remember our trails close at 4:30.
Kilometers Groomed: 14 km
New Snow Last 24 Hours: 2 inches
Average Base Depth at the Lodge (7200′): 48 inches
Wax Recommendations: Conditions are cold with clouds and wind coming from the east.