Trail/Grooming update, Feb. 26, 5pm

Open Trails:
St. Moritz
Stuck Truck
Lower Chicane
Upper Chicane
Jobe’s Jog
Wendell’s flat
High Traverse
Birkebiner Hill
Fink’s Link
Pink Lung Hill
Crater Lake Trail

Trails Notes: For Wed. we will have all the trails (with the exception of the Black Hole) open. Not all trails will be fully groomed however. We’ve had a mechanical issue that will require overnight repairs.

Anyone coming for $5 Wed. will be free since are usual perfect grooming has been delayed tonight. Weather conditions are sunny and mild. Despite the lack of re-grooming the skiing will be OK.
Kilometers Groomed: 14 km
New Snow Last 24 Hours: 0 inches
Average Base Depth at the Lodge (7200′): 48 inches
Wax Recommendations: