Trail/Grooming update, Feb. 8, 9:45am

Open Trails:
St. Moritz
Stuck Truck
Lower Chicane
Upper Chicane
Jobe’s Jog
Wendell’s flat
High Traverse
Birkebiner Hill
Fink’s Link
Pink Lung Hill
Crater Lake Trail

Sterling’s Cut-off

Trails Notes: ASC received 5″ of new snow overnight and the conditions are excellent. No other way to say it.

All the trails (except for the Black Hole) were groomed with two or more passes.

The Crater Lake trail is now open for the season! If you’ve not been up (and it is up) this trail the views and side loops off the trail are excellent. It’s a tough 300 meter vertical climb from Van Evers but well worth the effort.
Kilometers Groomed: 16 km
New Snow Last 24 Hours: 5 inches
Average Base Depth at the Lodge (7200′): 42 inches
Wax Recommendations: